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Monday, September 1, 2014

Currently {September}

I am SO excited to link up with Farley on Currently {September}! IT's been fo-evah, evah since I have.

So, here goes!

My husband and I are obsessed with the show "The Pitch" on Netlfix all of the sudden. It's about two major marketing companies making pitches to major businesses and corporations to win their business.

Basically, it's another reality show. However, at least after watching this one, you don't walk about feeling dumber than you did when you started. Believe me - I know. I watch plenty of dumb reality television that will suck your brains out and flush them down the toilet. Let's be honest, those are equally as awesome.

My husband and I have been waiting for 3 1/2 years to adopt a baby from Ethiopia. Because of the major slow down in international adoptions from Ethiopia the past 3 years, our social worker suggested while we wait for that sweet baby, we start a domestic adoption.

So, after waiting for 6 months, we were matched with a baby boy that will be born in 8 days...1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8...EIGHT days! Crazy exciting! We can NOT wait.

So in order to keep myself from going coo-coo crazy waiting for these 8 days to pass by quickly, I need to finish these next 5 things. More close reading, Patriot Day resource, History Mysteries, writing mini-offices...I may have carpal tunnel. Already.

My husband and I live in New Orleans and I am obsessed with Cafe Au Laits from Cafe Du Monde. They magical deliciousness in each cup. Holy moly. Delish.


A GIANT chill pill.
(This may or may NOT need to be explained.)
New baby - 8 days.
Life changing.
BABY. <3

Last night, I LITERALLY was drinking chamomile tea will applying lavender essential oil to the back of my ears and my temple. Nothing.

Hence - giant chill pill.


3 Trips
Utah - That's where we will go and get our sweet baby boy.
Ireland - I've been obsessed with Ireland since I was in 8th grade. I will go one day. I MUST go one day.
The house in "The Holiday" in Surrey, England - That sounds like a magical place to be right. about. now.
            The Holiday movie cottage

So, that's all. I'm off to finish one of the 5 TpT packets. And drink more chamomile tea. ;)

Until then,

Friday, August 29, 2014

Blogger {Unofficial} Rule #1

In order to be considered a blogger, you must blog.

Yes, this may sound like a DUH! remark. However, I write this to remind myself.

You see, the last time I blogged, was nearly 19 months ago. Do you know what can happen to a "blogger" in between 19 months of non-blogging? Well, a lot.

In the last 19 months {since February 2013}:
- I have taken a break from teaching. This is my second {yes, second} school year to not be in the classroom. It's weird. At first, I was way weirded out. Like, I didn't have an identity anymore "weirded out". In August 2013 when I didn't step into a classroom for the first time IN.MY.LIFE (well, since 4 years oldish), I was all kinds of emotions. However, the break from the classroom has been much needed and much appreciated. However, this August, my heart longed to wear a lanyard, take attendance and eat bad lunchroom food in 20 13ish minutes, all while going to the restroom, checking my cell phone and grading 3 tests.
- I've focused a lot of time on TpT. Because of my extra time, I've been able to devote more time to my TpT resources. It's a super fun blast making stuff for ya'll!
- I work for a Christian radio station. I currently work as the Development Director of a radio station. I enjoy it a lot. It's very different than teaching {i.e. - you can use the restroom when you wish, there are other adults to interact with during that day that aren't crazy parents or administrators, your cell phone can ring and you can answer it, you can drink more than one cup of coffee a day because of fact #1 about the whole bathroom thing, lunch lasts longer than above mentioned 13 minutes, etc. etc.}.
- I will go back to the classroom. One day. Just for this season, I am enjoying being "Lindsay" instead of "Mrs. F".
- We are adopting a baby. My husband and I have been in the process of an international adoption for 3 1/2 years. We are still on that wait list and we will continue to stay on that wait list until that sweet baby comes home. However, we are also adopting a baby boy domestically in 11 - count it - 1, 2, 3....11! - days! Crazy excited.

So a lot happens in 19 months. Who knew?!

Anyways, I decided it was time to join the blogging world again. AND give away one of my newest items on TpT!

Just leave a COMMENT with your EMAIL below to enter to win a copy of this pack!! I'll be giving away three copies!

Well, it's been great being among the bloggers of this world again after 19 months.

Until then,

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine...Smalentine...LURVE Sale!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you all survived the children and the parties. If you did, then you definitely deserve a large box of chocolate and a foot rub. Anyone that has lived through pink and red and glitter and love and red Kool-Aid mustaches and sugar-induced craziness from small children should win a medal of honor. I'm just saying.

With that being said, I would like to share with you some of my favorite Valentine's I've seen today. I hope you enjoy...

Totally posted this on my husband's FB wall. That's true love, people! True love. 

Have you seen this video?! HA-larious!

Oh, Dwight. He is just so romantic. 

Funny Valentine's Day Ecard: I would even do the thing Meat Loaf wouldn't do for love for you.

And since it is this magical day of love mush, I leave you with some pictures of me and my little love muffin from our wedding day nearly 4 years ago...and in honor of this love muffin day, I am putting everything in my store 20% today off just for you, the ones that I love and adore for reading all of this nonsense that entertains my life rich, educational truth.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Morning Magic...and a craft!

When I taught in KY, the greatest joy of my life on a Monday morning was a Snow Day. I mean, let's get real. I speak the truth.

Now that I live in Louisiana, it's like, "Wait...snow is real?"

My mama-love still teaches in Kentucky. She has stopped telling me about her snow days. Too much pouty-mc-pout-pout on the other end of the line. She just waits until the end of the day to tell me now. haha

So I don't want to rub this in too much but this week marks the beginning of Mardi Gras vacation...WHO KNEW?!

With that being said, I am still sitting in my bed, 3rd cup of coffee, and Pandora. Oh, and the blog. I love the blog.

So the next time you have a Snow Day, be sure to stop by and rub it in. It's ok. I can take it.

Moving on...

So, whether it's a Mardi Gras vacay day or a regular 'ol workin' day, this is what I MUST have to successfully start my week:

Here's the perfect way to create this Magical Brew...haha...GET IT?!?! {too much for a Monday morning?...yeah...I get it...}
1) I don't buy K-cups often. I am too cheap to do so. I just bought the little re-usable K-cup filter and use my own coffee. True story.
2) Add any  French Vanilla flavored coffee
3) *Swish* know that noise of this magical machine, right?!?!
4) Add Southern Butter Pecan ID. No calories. None.
5) AND  to make it *extra* fat free, add a large dollop of your favorite Whipped Cream.
6) Stir.
7) Drink.
8) Experience the magic and entire's day intake of Weight Watcher's Points in this Monday Morning Magical Brew

Also, this past weekend, I bought a laminator.

Oh. Yes. I. Did.

I kept seeing all my little bloggy friends yakkin' about their laminators and naturally if they're doing it, so must I! {Peer pressure so does not only happen in middle school!}

So after I purchased this little jewel that is the Scotch laminator, of course I had to laminate everything. I started with my new pack "Some BUNNY please tell me..." {Author's Purpose & Point of View}...

My husband was like, "WHY are you taking pictures of it?!"

Seriously? Do I even entertain that question???

So, after I laminated and cut, I needed something else to laminate. Of  course.

My philosophy: Go big, or go home.

Since I was literally at home, it applies to laminating as well, in case you didn't know.

In nursery at church a few weeks ago, I had seen these cah-yute diaper bag tags that looked professionally done and yada yada...

But what did I say..."HEY! I can do that!"

And that's exactly what I did...

Are they not simply adorable?!?! I don't actually have any babies of my own {if you don't count the 39 at school...} so I made them for friends...

and what do we do when we make something???


And then....when that happens...

other people want some...

and that makes my crafty heart/soul/mind leap with joy at the thought of using the laminator again.

{Does this sound as crazy as I think it does?!}

Come on. I KNOW ya'll know what I mean...

So, I'm off to make more Diaper Bag tags because that's what I do. And I'm so ok with that!

Have a happy to Monday Morning Magic cup #4.


Until then,

Friday, February 1, 2013

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL...a GIVEAWAY...and a SALE?!?!

First, I must not lie. I don't like football. I'd rather go to the dentist than watch sports. I'd much rather grade papers than watch football. I'm not the *biggest* football fan that ever lived.  Sorry, but it's true.

Usually, when football is on, my ear buds are in and Law and Order: SVU or Downton Abbey is on my laptop. Really, dah-ling? What woman wouldn't trade Mr. Bates over a sweaty pile of stinky men?

Hey, honesty is the best policy.

{I'm having a hah-d time not typing/thinking the rest of this blawg post in my best Bri-ish accent...ah-rnt' you?}

Anywho, I do love a good sale!! So, if you love a sale, and Teachers Pay Teachers, then you should check out my store, along with hundreds of other sellers who are offering 28% off their entire store on Super Bowl Sunday only!!

, the first person to correctly guess the only NFL home football game I've ever been to that my husband drug me to took me to, you will win my SPORTS Main Idea & Summary pack!

1) Leave a comment with the name of the home NFL team that I went to their stadium to see the game.
2) Leave your e-mail address along with your guess!
3) HINT 1: They played against the Philadelphia Eagles (not that that gives much or any of a clue)
4) HINT 2: One of their team colors is blue.

Really, the game wasn't all that bad. We had a great time...and anywhere except Wal-Mart grocery shopping with my studly muffin husband is a wonderful time!!

Here's my football lovin' studly muffin husband and I having fun...see, I told you. Polka dots. Everywhere. All the time. 


Until then,

Friday, January 25, 2013

Five for Friday {Linky}

Hey, frands!

Hope ya'll had a great week! I wanted to link up with Doodle Bugs for a super random Five for Friday. Be prepared to get blown ah-way with these 5 random facts.

1) I got new, snazzy polka dot glasses.

Hi, my name is Lindsay.
{Hi, Lindsay}
I am addicted to all. things. polka dot.

Exhibit A. Black and white polka dotted glasses. Yes.
2) My first ever Awesome ELA Giveaway ends TOMORROW at midnight!

HURRY! Register to win some awesome prizes!

3) I wore blue jeans 3 days in a row this week. It was awesome. We get blue jean passes for going "above and beyond" for serving on different committees and such from our principal. I used one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. Of course, we get to wear jeans each Friday anyways!

I randomly created this blue jean image last summer. Why? I don't know.  But it was fun.
4) I was featured in last Sunday's Teacher Pay Teacher newsletter! I was so excited! I felt like a grown up!!

Check it out here
Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth -

{Nuts, right?!}

5) It's 8:43 p.m. on a Friday evening. My husband and I are both p.o.o.p.e.d. We are going to bed!

Until then,

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Awesome ELA Giveaway ExTrAoRdInAiRe!!

I am so excited for ya'll! I have an ELA give away that will blow your socks off! {Notice the use of an idiom here...because it's an ELA give away...and an idiom is a literary device...too much?!...yeah...}

The reason for this give away is simple:
1) Ya'll are AWESOME to follow my blog and read along!
2) I reached OVER 600 followers at my TpT store {which feels like the biggest accomplishment evs!}
3) ...and I'm so close to 200 followers on my little ol' blog!
4) ...and because who doesn't love a give away?! I mean, for realz?!

So, check out the products that you could WIN just simply by registering below using Mr. Rafflecopter himself! {ohmiword. I can HARDLY contain the're going to pee in your pants...I mean, that's what I'd do...squeal at the possibilities of winning these awesome products!}

There are three...count it...1, 2, AND 3...different ELA Giveaway Packs to WIN! Of course, you could enter to win ALL 3!! Are you ready for this?!

Awesome ELA Giveaway Pack #1:
My friend Carmen from

is giving away a $10 Starbucks card...WHA-what?!?!

My sweet friend Lindsay {don't you love her name?!} from My Life as a Third Grade Teacher is going to give away an awesome product of your choosing from her store!
My Life as a 3rd Grade Teacher
Lacie from 
Polkadots and Pencils
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Set #1, or Set #2
Those cute gals Christy and Tammy have a super cute February Writing Pack!
Fluttering Through First Grade

Gina from Third Grade Tidbits is giving away a precious Verb Tense Mini Unit!
Third Grade Tidbits

Tessa from Tales from Outside the Classroom is offering up her Open Ended Questions!

Jen from Hello Mrs. Sykes will be giving away an awesome product from her store!

Tara from ...And they all fall Down... has a precious Judy Moody pack for you!

AND...any two products from my TpT Store

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Awesome ELA Giveaway Pack #2:

Ladybug Teacher Files has two SUPER DE DOOPER Syllable Games

Surfin' Through Second has an Opinion Pack

Surfin' Through Second

Tanja at Journey of a Substitute Teacher has a cute Reading Activities pack that works with any book!

My favorite bloggy-gal-pal Kate from Second Grade Sparkle is sharing any product of your choosing from her store!
Gina has a super awesome Common Noun and Proper Noun Practice Pack that is to die for!

Cheryl from Primary Graffiti is sharing with you some super cute Comprehension Skill Posters!
Primary Graffiti

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Sunny Days in Second

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And saving the best for last, {I kid, I kid...they are all awesome to donate to this giveaway} Christina from Bunting, Books, & Bainbridge has offered up any product of your choosing from her store, as well!
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So, did you enter all three give aways?? Come back anytime between now and Saturday, January 26th at midnight (Central Time Zone) to enter to win all three awesome packs in this Awesome ELA Giveaway Extraordinaire!!

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GOOD LUCK! Come back on Sunday to see the WINNERS! :) Have an AWESOME week!

Until then,

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