Monday, July 30, 2012

"THE" Room, Part 1

So since today is the first official day of my blogging life I would like to take a moment and say to all of those that are reading this, I'm sorry. You might get sick of me quickly with all the jumbled up blogging madness genius running through my little brain!

The entire time I was working in my room today and sitting through a meeting, all I kept thinking about was blogging and what my first "official school post" would be, and if someone would read it, or if I should take pictures, and would I have time to blog, and on and on and on...

So, here I am, making finding time {priorities, people!} to blog about my sweet little classroom.

Let me explain to you my classroom history: It CHANGES frequently! I have never, since the very beginning of my teaching time {5 whole years ago}, stayed in the same classroom. Each year, I lovingly throw all my crap put all of my things into boxes, and ship it next door or down the hall.

Last year, when my husband and I moved from Kentucky to Louisiana, my husband found out how much I hoard classroom materials of a treasure cove of classroom resources I have managed to come across!

So, a year later, a state later, and 3 classrooms later {yes, I've moved to 3 classrooms in 1 school year...that's a different story!}, I can finally say I am making this classroom mine, and can hopefully turn this room into my own little polka dot sanctuary.

Since the kids aren't coming for 2 more weeks, I still have time to finagle things around a bit, but this is what I've managed to accomplish in a few days {and a tireless summer creating materials like a mad woman}.

Because there is limited wall space {we have pods...ummm...Yippie?!}, I like to use the fronts of as many magnetic surfaces as possible. I am going to use these numbers printed on card stock with a magnet on the back to assign jobs. CLICK on the picture to directly link you to my Leopard & Zebra Classroom Themed classroom signs at my TpT store!

Put these up above my desk area...have blank space, will use! I LOVED how they turned out! :)
{Check out these "Asking Questions Posters" Posters at my store by clicking on the picture!}

OH MY WORD! One of my most FAVORITE things I have now are my 6 Traits "VOICES" headers I got HERE, from Ladybug's Teacher Files. SO CUTE and I am very excited to utilize them on a daily basis in my classroom during writing. It's a GREAT reference point for students each day. Whenever we touch on a specific trait, I'm going to put on a sentence strip something we learned about that trait and add it underneath each heading! :) 

My writing center is also something I'm looking forward to using more often with my kiddos this year! I have *some* things added, but really not a whole lot. Also, since my classroom is small and I'm trying to maximize my space, I also have the bottom row as part of my library! :)  

Here is my library {I'm going to post on how I have it set up this year soon...I L-O-V-E it and I KNOW it will function well with my students and their learning!!!}. Yes, notice the gaping hole in my wall...that's my neighbor. Yup. ALLLLL-righty then. :)

AND the other half of my sweet little library... :)

Well, that's a brief introduction into my third grade classroom. I have lots of things marked off my list, with a couple million more things left to do before the babies show up! :) 

Until then,

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