Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tell Me Something Good {Linky}

{that's something good, right?!}

I really wanted to stop by today and add a little diddy because I so don't feel like starting lesson plans, I'm feeling lazy and I love my little bloggy friends and this linky was just too good not to join! My friend Jennifer from Rowdy in First is hosting "Tell Me Something Good". So, here goes!
Something Good at School: I had two days worth of Parent Teacher Conferences and my Formal Observation this past week and I MADE IT through! Praise the Lord! Also, I finally was able to figure out a new way to rearrange my desks other than long pods which I hated because my room is so teeny-tiny.

Something Good at Home: It's Saturday and it finally stopped raining! And even though I have tons of laundry, nothing ready for next week, and my husband is working, I am thankful to be sitting on my hiney, onto my second cup of coffee, and in my comfy pj's.

Have a great weekend, friends! :) Stop by Jen's blog and link up for some fun! It's always easier to focus on the yucky in our lives, but it's nice to stop and think about the good, too!

Until then,

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  1. Hooray for lounging in pj's! That's my plan for tomorrow! (And I have officially lost all motivation for writing lesson plans. YUCK)

    Rowdy in First Grade