Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine...Smalentine...LURVE Sale!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you all survived the children and the parties. If you did, then you definitely deserve a large box of chocolate and a foot rub. Anyone that has lived through pink and red and glitter and love and red Kool-Aid mustaches and sugar-induced craziness from small children should win a medal of honor. I'm just saying.

With that being said, I would like to share with you some of my favorite Valentine's I've seen today. I hope you enjoy...

Totally posted this on my husband's FB wall. That's true love, people! True love. 

Have you seen this video?! HA-larious!

Oh, Dwight. He is just so romantic. 

Funny Valentine's Day Ecard: I would even do the thing Meat Loaf wouldn't do for love for you.

And since it is this magical day of love mush, I leave you with some pictures of me and my little love muffin from our wedding day nearly 4 years ago...and in honor of this love muffin day, I am putting everything in my store 20% today off just for you, the ones that I love and adore for reading all of this nonsense that entertains my life rich, educational truth.



  1. Too funny!! Happy V Day!!


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