Thursday, August 6, 2015

Teaching is as Easy as ABC, 123 {B2S Linky & Giveaway for NEW Teachers}

Happy Back-to-School season, friends! Don't you just *LOVE* it?! Even though I am not going back to the classroom this year (I'm staying at home with my almost 1 year old), I still get the same butterflies and excitement when August rolls around. There's nothing like a bin full of glue sticks for .10, am I right?!

I've linked up with some of my favorite bloggy friends to bring you a super fun linky for all of those new teachers out there! Together with Kady from The Teacher Trap, Alyssa from Teaching in the Fast Lane, and Kirsten from Kirsten's Kaboodle we have some fun BTS tips and tricks for new teachers, along with a GIVEAWAY of prizes that will be helpful as you start your very first school year!

I very much remember what my first year of teaching was like. It was full of excitement and nerves all wrapped up into one giant ball of joy. My mom was a teacher, my grandmother was a teacher, and countless other family members spent their days in a classroom. It was in my blood. {For kicks and giggles, here is my very first yearbook picture as a teacher. I look 12. And no, I don't keep this for my own sake; my grandmother has it at her house.}

So, let's get to it! Don't forget to link up below if you have some cool tips and tricks of your own to share. If you are a new teacher, don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Don't compare yourself to any other teacher. As educators, we tend to be perfectionists. We know what we want and how we want it. There are so many wonderful teacher role models out there, that sometimes, we tend to compare ourselves to someone else. Don't do it. Teach how you teach. Praise like you praise. Explain how you explain. Interact like you interact. If you go into the classroom trying to be someone you aren't, it won't work. You are GREAT just how you are. You are blessed with the students who are placed with you for a reason; they need you, not anyone else. Breathe in and out. You got this. Be you. 

A good cup. I am a Tervis nut. These are great for hot stuff and cold stuff. I actually had a smaller one for coffee and a large one for my water. You can't go wrong with a Tervis tumbler. After a while, I collected quite a few from the kids as gifts for Christmas or the end of the school year.

Velcro. I used Velcro for everything in my classroom (I'll explain a little more below). It's versatile, it's easy to add and remove quickly to items around your classroom. (Notice how I have my name written twice on this particular box. Hey - don't you be takin' my Velcro, woman!)

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