Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Currently & FREEBIE!

October has always been my favorite month.

From the yummy pumpkin flavored everything, to the cooler weather and my birthday. 

THIS birthday this year is both the best and weirdest birthday ever.

BEST - because I have already received the greatest gift of my life, Noah Travis.

WEIRDEST - because I'll be 30. THIRTY. Like, the number after 29. Like 10 years from 40.....EWW?!

Ok. I'm done.

{FOCUS, Lindsay, FOCUS.}

ANYWHO....On to Currently with Farley!

Because I'm on maternity leave, I've been able to watch Today. I love Hoda and Kathie Lee -- Hoda a little bit more than Kathie Lee. Hoda is just precious; Kathie Lee is just loud.

Baby Noah. 
Oh my holy cuteness.
 I am so in love with this little person that is ours. He will be a month old on October 6th. We just got his newborn pics last night. Ohemgeeeee. 

Please tell me you did not just die from this cuteness overload!?

{SIDENOTE: I am currently writing this post with a tiny little boy attached to me in the Ergobaby. Today, this is the only way he will sleep.}

I love fall like whoah. But this year, I've been a bit preoccupied* (*see above), so I haven't had time to put out any fall decor. 

I mean, I just took down my summer wreath yesterday. 

Yes. Yesterday. Hey -- at least it's down. 

Oh -- wait -- I did get out a pumpkin spice candle. {That counts, right?!}

Should I even have to explain this? 

I think not.

I have a super cute gray polish that is calling my name. And I have a feeling it will just keep calling...until at least tomorrow. 

Trick or Treat?

For my treat, I'm giving you my Halloween Fluency Pack for FREE until Saturday! {Click on the image to download the file!}

If you LOVE this, I have Fluency for EACH MONTH at my TpT Store!

Happy Halloween!!

Until then,


  1. So many things to love here! Noah is just adorable. Your product cover is probably my favorite, ever. And what's inside is amazing too! So glad to have found you through Currently!


  2. Oh my what a cutie you have in your hands! I am such a sucker for a baby in an adorable hat! I miss them when they are that age. They are so needy and so cuddly. My daughter just turned 3 and I am thinking it is time to get another one on the way! I love those pics!

  3. Now I want one too!!! Oh, wait, I already have three! LOL
    I love babies and your little Noah is such a cutie! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. I love baby cheeks! I, too, have enjoyed listening to a little Kathie Lee & Hoda since I'm home this year with my little one. Enjoy your baby snuggles!!

  5. Oh my goodness! Little Noah is SO precious. Those pictures are simply stunning! Congratulations.

  6. AHHH! That family photo. Perfection.

  7. Your little guy is so beautiful!!!