Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Hi, friends!

As summer starts for many of you (and for those that are still in the classroom with the cutest little pumpkin' heads ever...come on-- you know they are --HANG IN THERE!!), I've decided to throw it back...WAAAAYYYY back....to some of my favorite all time freebies!

Let's step back in time ALL summer long for some AH-mazing freebies from your favorite sellers on TpT!

 How does this work?
1) Every Thursday this summer starting this Thursday, June 11th through Thursday, August 6th, simply search for #tbtfreebie on Facebook or click on the #tbtfreebie hashtag on Instagram!
2) Click on the links to all of the freebies from each seller that has featured a #tbtfreebie!
3) Don't forget to leave feedback on the freebies you download!

Don't know where to start?! 
FOLLOW me on INSTAGRAM here to get these freebies:

{On THURSDAYS, click on #tbtfreebies to see ALL the freebies offered!}

FOLLOW me on FACEBOOK here to get these freebies:

{On THURSDAYS, search for #tbtfreebies to see ALL the freebies offered!}

In HONOR of this totally tubular #tbtfreebie event, take a little walk down memory lane with my FAVORITE 80's song. You're welcome.

{Want to LINK UP on Facebook or Instagram, yourself? Download the following #tbtfreebie images, add an image of the freebie you want featured and hashtag it #tbtfreebie each Thursday this summer - June 11th-August 6th - on Facebook and Instagram!}

Until then,


  1. Thanks for setting this up, Lindsay! I've linked up and am looking forward to checking out all the goodies!
    Linda at Primary Inspiration

  2. Great idea Lindsay! Thanks for the invite, I linked up. Off to check it out! Lisette from Speech Sprouts

  3. Thanks for setting this up Lindsay... it's been fun to do while I build up my instagram ;)