About Me

My studly muffin and I
I am a 3rd generation elementary teacher that graduated from Murray State University {GO RACERS}!!

I love Jesus, my husband, babies, Post-It notes, sharpies, and all things polka dots. I am entering my 5th year of craziness teaching and I love it! I honestly {today...but ask me again tomorrow! ;)}could not imagine doing anything else for a living {except maybe working for Buddy Valastro from Cake Boss, but you know, we all could dream, right?!}.

The Top 5 Things you MUST Know About Me
{or you might lose some sleep tonight...}:

1) I am from Kentucky, commonly known as "God's Country" for many, many reasons...
*COUGH, COUGH* UK...what?!

2) My favorite color is yellow. I mean, I don't know if you missed that by the ray of sunshine that shot off your screen when you found my blog, but you know. I just wanted it to be subtle.

3) My husband and I are adopting from Ethiopia! We are SO excited and can't WAIT until we get to see our little Squishy! 
Click on the image to head on over to our Adoption Blog! Follow us there!
4) I have wanted to be a teacher since 2nd Grade and because I was such a weirdo planner, I saved all  {all as in A-L-L} my worksheets and units that my FAVORITE teacher in the whole world {Love you, Mrs. "C" Williams!} ever created so I'd have a teaching stash ready for when I had my own classroom. (Yes, I was that child in your classroom that always knew more than the teacher...Karma has bitten me in the bottom a few times since then!)

5) ...and finally....{drum roll please}...I am COMPLETELY addicted to Diet Coke and Peach Tea.

Melonheadz Illustrations...isn't this the CUTEST Diet Coke you ever did see?!?!

Aren't you glad you waited to find out ALL of that fascinating information?!?!

You're welcome! ;)

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  1. Love your blog, Lindsay! Reading this brings back so many memories of you! Love you...Lacy